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Wheeling Country Day School is more than just a school – we are a community. Our teachers care for their students like parents care for their children. Our teachers know each student that comes into our school – not just the names of kids in their class. This makes a difference.

Being a Wheeling Country Day School alumni is a truly unique experience in the world of elementary education.

Thanks to our longtime emphasis on experiential curriculum and educators, as well as our commitment on community engagement and the ‘campus style’ school environment, WCDS alums share a rich, memorable experience much more similar to that of the traditional collegiate student-school relationship.

  • Allen, Lisa
  • Bartner, Natalie
  • Belot, Jason
  • Dunkin, Russell
  • Hadjis, Alex
  • Harden, Scott
  • Jean, Amy Dr.
  • Jefferson, Joyce
  • Joseph, Brian
  • Mull, Adam
  • Wetmore, Brooke
It's Possible Here.

Wheeling Country Day School is a safe place to try a new skill that could become a life’s passion, to connect with an adult who will forever believe in you unconditionally, to balance the vulnerability, to lead with the empowerment of being part of a team and something greater than yourself.


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