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Deciding on the best school for your child is one of the most important yet difficult decisions you will make as a parent. WCDS is not just a school that provides an education for your child but we are also an extension of your family.

At Wheeling Country Day School, we are more than just a school. We are a community.

Our teachers and staff care for each and every student like they are their own. The families within our wonderful community are not just a number, they are a name that is woven into our hearts and the history of our school, forever. We have the great honor in helping each student reach their maximum potential, while knowing WCDS is a key stepping stone that will elevate them to future greatness. We are proud to help mold the minds of the future and we are proud to grow with our students and their families.

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Deciding on the best school for your child is one of the most important yet difficult decisions you will make as a parent. WCDS is not just a school that provides an education for your child but we are also an extension of your family.

When you become a parent within our school, you become a member of our family as well. Here at WCDS, we have one goal in mind and that is to provide your child with the best opportunities that will set them up for success throughout every chapter of their lives. We also pride ourselves in providing an environment for your child to thrive and prosper within every aspect of life. We focus not only on book work, but we also focus on helping to build your child’s character, their social skills, setting the foundation of great citizenship, and building their resilience.

A large portion of our environment is factored around the strong sense of community that we’ve established within our walls and within the community surrounding us. We take a hands-on approach to life and we allow our students to generate the knowledge and skills they may need as they journey through life.

What Makes Our Community Special?

Personal Growth

Education is not only within the walls of an educational institute, but it is also within the involvement of one’s community.

Each student has the opportunity to maximize their personal growth both within WCDS and outside our school as well. Involvement with extracurricular activities, community service and community relations are all at the fingertips of each student within our facility. 

Social Skills

We value education, but put equal emphasis on social skills. In order to be a valuable member of society or any community, you need the ability to communicate, lead, be a good teammate, and show compassion. We transfer these skills with actions, not just words. Our fifth grade students are responsible for helping our families during daily pick-up. Our middle school students lead and present information during their exhibitions. Our early childhood students learn how to communicate on day one. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Welcoming the families of our students to help us in forging the greatest memories and the strongest foundation for their success is always available here at WCDS. We will often include our students’ families in partaking in not only school activities, but also in the inclusion of learning opportunities as well. If you’re interested in volunteering during any of our school functions or within the classroom, be sure to let one of our faculty members know.

Community Giving & Fundraising

What you learn at an early age helps shape you as an adult. By showing support to local non-profit and charity organizations, our students (preschool to middle school) can see first-hand the importance of giving back. Whether we are donating Christmas gifts for the children’s home or gathering food for our local soup kitchen, we’ve placed a high value on donations and community support.

Fundraising is an important part of maintaining our school and continuing to improve our programs within our school. Fundraisers such as 29 Hours and Celebrate are an intricate part of the success of our community and our students.


I can imagine no school I would be happier to send my children to than Wheeling Country Day. The children at this school are the most resilient, supportive, and thoughtful I have ever seen. Teaching resiliency, at such young ages, is the single most important building block to lifelong learning there is. These kids support one another, they respect one another and the faculty, they communicate, they create, and they problem solve. And they love it! It is a joy, a true joy to behold.


My experience at this school with my child has gone beyond my expectations, they love my child and want to see him succeed just like I do. They provide something in this area that no other school, public or private offers. My hope for Wheeling Country Day is that one day they will be able to expand their learning center and provide help for kids with learning differences beyond 5th grade. My family was blessed to have found this place and I hope to see it grow and help other children with learning differences


This school develops strong character in its students, like integrity, compassion and respect: This school has helped my child in ways that are beyond what I thought was possible. They have built his self-esteem, helped so much with his learning differences, and made him realize how smart he really is.

Community & Schools

Why is community so important?

New research shows the critical role that the connection between students and community plays in obtaining academic success for students. When schools provide a safe and comfortable environment for students to generate a sense of belonging and protection, those students are able to build skills that allow them to conquer both school and life challenges.

How does a community impact a school?

When families, schools, and communities work together to support the growth of education, the positive results nearly skyrocket immediately. Better attendance rates, higher grade averages, rising social skills, and increased self-esteem are just some of the benefits that develop from community involvement. An impact that will have a lasting impression on the lives of the students forever.

Why is community support important in education?

Community support plays a crucial part in the development of education. Higher attendance rates, increased grades, lower dropout rates, and fewer behavioral issues are all results from a positive community support system.

Who is part of the school community?

There are multiple members of the school community that are involved in the development of each student and their success within the school as well as their community. Those individuals are not only their teachers, but they are also their parents, faculty, grandparents, neighbors, and businesses that all help to aid in the well-being of the school community and the students alike.

Wheeling Country Day School Alumni

Being a Wheeling Country Day School alumni is a truly unique experience in the world of elementary education.

Thanks to our longtime emphasis on experiential curriculum and educators, as well as our commitment on community engagement and the ‘campus style’ school environment, WCDS alums share a rich, memorable experience much more similar to that of the traditional collegiate student-school relationship.

Sports, Clubs, & After School Activities

Wheeling Country Day School extends its curriculum by offering students a variety of clubs that they may join. These clubs are scheduled at various times during the school day so that participating in them does not interfere with students’ after school activities.

It's Possible Here.

Wheeling Country Day School is a safe place to try a new skill that could become a life’s passion, to connect with an adult who will forever believe in you unconditionally, to balance the vulnerability, to lead with the empowerment of being part of a team and something greater than yourself.

About WCDS

Wheeling Country Day School empowers students to think, to create, and to communicate in a nurturing environment where learning and character are paramount. Our school is special – but not because we say so. Students, parents, and educators have endorsed our philosophy and show continual support to our school.

Programs & Academics

Wheeling Country Day School bases its curriculum on a compilation of learning research, current theory and practice, national guidelines from content area associations, and the accumulated wisdom and creative talent of a unique, dedicated, professional faculty. 

Tuition & Affordability

Wheeling Country Day School offers Need-Based Flexible Tuition to enroll students who could not otherwise afford to attend. No qualified student should be deterred by financial restraints from applying to Wheeling Country Day School, and families who feel they need assistance are encouraged to apply.

Staff & Faculty

Every member of our team strives to enrich your child’s education. We understand that teachers make a huge impact on students’ lives and their learning paths. Our instructors are trained, experienced, and most importantly – they care about your child as if it were their own. 


Wheeling Country Day School is a non-profit independent school. We would not exist if we weren’t able to carry out our mission and provide students with an exceptional education. 

WCDS Branches

Learn everywhere! Wheeling Country Day School brings new experiences and opportunities for all students. We’ve branched out and now offer classrooms throughout Wheeling. Wheeling Park, West Virginia Northern, Scottish Rite, and more – we really do Learn Everywhere. 

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