Senior Kindergarten

Wheeling Country Day School offers senior kindergarten​ for children five and six years old.  Learning is done through open explorations and discovery with topics driven from the interests of the children.

Senior kindergarten provides a strong foundation from which each student can grow to become a lifelong learner. As a Reggio-inspired program, learning is done through open explorations and discovery with topics driven from the interests of the children.

With a focus on collaboration and communication, students are encouraged to investigate and reflect on their own learning processes. Documentation of such processes gives value to the many languages our students use to gain new knowledge. The classroom acts as a “third teacher” and is often extended outdoors. We strive to feed the innate curiosity of each child so that they can grow to their fullest potential as learners.

Wheeling Country Day School’s senior kindergarten program focuses on the child within the learner. It is an engaging centers-based curriculum that matches the way children develop and learn, meeting their personal learning needs in a hands-on and nurturing environment.

Children need time for fantasy and spontaneous play. Therefore, the classrooms invite pretending and storytelling, which provide the most fertile ground for language growth, both contextual and semantic.

In addition, the campus layout allows children to be active and to follow their natural sense of wonder. They play and learn in nature with found objects that inspire creativity.

Far from curriculum in a box, the program allows the teachers to take their cues from their students, and then actively guide and encourage their curiosity, intellectual strengths, and above-average skills.

Senior Kindergarten Schedule

  • Five Days

Senior Kindergarten Arrival & Dismissal

  • Arrival: 7:30-8:20
  • Dismissal: 3:20

Creative Exploration and Artistic Expression

Throughout the year, the class engages in various creative activities, including painting, designing art pieces, and exploring different art mediums. They use their imagination and artistic skills to create collaborative dream-inspired art pieces, design their own dream cars using cardboard and other materials, and explored different painting techniques. The emphasis on creativity allows the students to express themselves and develop their artistic abilities.

Creative & Skill-Based Courses

In addition to the traditional subject areas, students participate in fine arts, physical education, foreign language, and technology classes. An emphasis on the fine arts has been a part of the school since its inception. Biweekly classes in art and music are highlights in the children’s experiences. Daily physical education classes enhance physical development, while the morning intramural program fosters team relationships across grade levels. Children learn to use both the library and the computer as valuable resources for information.

Mathematics and Measurement

The students have opportunities to develop their mathematical skills, particularly in the area of measurement. They engage in activities such as estimating and measuring using tools like rulers and measuring tapes. Through games and real-life applications, they practice measuring different objects and explore concepts of size, length, and capacity. These activities aim to enhance their understanding of measurement and develop their mathematical thinking.

An Emphasis on Character Development

Character development instruction highlighting respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, and citizenship complements the academic offerings. Each teacher weaves this special program into the class’s regular curriculum.

Literature and Writing

Literacy plays a significant role in the class’s learning journey. The students read various books, including those about dreams and musicians, which spark their imagination and lead to engaging discussions. They also practice writing by sharing their experiences during breaks, crafting stories about dreamers, and participating in the Virtual Talent Show. These literacy activities aim to improve their reading and writing skills while fostering their creativity and self-expression.

Technology & Culture

While being part of the Wheeling Country Day School community, children prepare for an increasingly global, technological society with language and culture classes as well as technology instruction. Students explore the rich cultural heritage represented by the school’s families. Special school-wide and classroom activities throughout the year expand this understanding of the relationship between self and community. At the same time, students receive computer instruction preparing them for the world’s technology and their participation in it.

Music and Rhythm

The class delves into the world of music, particularly focusing on jazz and pop genres. They listen to jazz music, learn about scatting, and explore different instruments in jazz bands. The students also enjoy dancing and expressing themselves through music, showcasing their dance moves and engaging in pop painting. The incorporation of music and rhythm fosters an appreciation for different musical styles and encourages self-expression.

Outdoor Exploration and Field Trips

The class has opportunities for hands-on learning experiences outside the classroom. They embark on field trips, such as visiting a fire station and exploring downtown areas, engaging with the community and learning about different aspects of the world around them. Outdoor playtime and nature walks also provide opportunities for physical activity, discovery, and interaction with the environment.

Senior Kindergarten Teachers & Staff

Claire Norman

Senior Kindergarten

Tylar McGhee

Senior Kindergarten

Before & Aftercare Programs

Our before and aftercare programs are designed to help the student and the parent. Drop your students off early or pick them up a bit later and feel comfortable knowing they are safe and still learning.

Tutoring & Multisensory Learning

Edge at Wheeling Country Day School is an on-campus instruction center for students with language-based learning differences. 

First Grade

For students ready to graduate from Senior Kindergarten, Wheeling Country Day School offers elementary school for first graders.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What will my child learn in Senior Kindergarten?

In senior kindergarten, children will learn a variety of foundational skills and subjects. They will develop early literacy skills through reading, writing, and phonics. Basic math concepts, such as numbers, counting, and shapes, will be introduced. Kindergarteners will also work on social and emotional development, fine motor skills, basic science and social studies topics, physical activity, and creativity through arts and crafts. Kindergarten provides a well-rounded education, preparing children for future academic success and fostering their overall development.

How do you keep parents informed about their child's progress and development?

We believe in maintaining open lines of communication with parents. Throughout the year, we provide regular updates through newsletters, emails, and parent-teacher conferences. You will receive progress reports highlighting your child’s achievements, areas of growth, and any specific concerns. We also encourage parents to reach out to teachers for any questions or concerns, and we schedule periodic meetings to discuss your child’s development in more detail.

How do you support social and emotional development in senior kindergarteners?

Supporting social and emotional development in kindergarteners is a priority. Through various strategies, educators foster a positive and inclusive environment where children can develop important skills. This includes promoting social interactions through group activities and cooperative play, teaching empathy and conflict resolution techniques, providing opportunities for self-expression and emotional regulation, incorporating mindfulness and relaxation exercises, and nurturing a supportive teacher-student relationship. Additionally, educators work closely with parents to ensure consistent support and create a strong partnership in fostering the social and emotional growth of kindergarteners.

How will you ensure my child's safety and well-being during school hours?

The safety and well-being of your child are our top priorities. Our kindergarteners follows strict safety protocols, including secure access to the premises, trained staff for supervision, and age-appropriate safety measures. We maintain a clean and hygienic environment, conduct regular safety drills, and have a designated first-aid trained staff member. Additionally, we have clear procedures for drop-off and pick-up to ensure that your child is always in a safe and supervised setting.


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