Sixth Grade

Wheeling Country Day School offers Sixth Grade for children ten and eleven years old. Students in Sixth Grade are introduced to Deep Dives – project-based learning and truly learn everywhere at our Wheeling Park Branch Campus. 

We unlock the power in our Sixth Graders to learn and enjoy learning at our Middle School Branch Campus at Wheeling Park.

In Sixth Grade, we continue to provide core foundations in math and language arts, while introducing them to project-based learning that challenges the students to apply all subjects (math, science, history, global studies and more) as they work together with each and on their own.

Teachers work with the students to find problems and work through a proven framework to solve the problem by using a variety of skills, such as (math, science, engineering, reading, and more) to find their own way to solving real-life problems.

Creative & Skill-Based Courses

In addition to the traditional subject areas, students participate in fine arts, physical education, foreign language, and technology classes. An emphasis on the fine arts has been a part of the school since its inception. Biweekly classes in art and music are highlights in the children’s experiences. Daily physical education classes enhance physical development, while the morning intramural program fosters team relationships across grade levels. Children learn to use both the library and the computer as valuable resources for information.


In English class, students engage in comprehensive grammar, which includes adjectives and their role in sentence structure. They learn how adjectives answer specific questions about nouns, such as “What kind? Which one? How much? How many?” Additionally, the class enjoys reading and analyzing the novels like “Freak the Mighty.” The discussions focus on character development and making inferences about the backgrounds of the main characters. Alongside the literature study, grammar lessons are continuously integrated, covering topics like pronouns and subject identification in sentences. The students also work on book reports, demonstrating their understanding of literary analysis and elements of suspense in writing.

An Emphasis on Character Development

Character development instruction highlighting respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, and citizenship complements the academic offerings. Each teacher weaves this special program into the class’s regular curriculum.


The fundamentals of Pre-Algebra class focus on building a strong foundation in mathematics. They start with exponent rules, learning how to expand and simplify expressions involving exponents. This knowledge is then applied in scientific notation, which requires further practice and skill refinement. The students also work on multi-digit division, both with and without decimals, honing their arithmetic abilities. Additionally, the class incorporates interactive games and group activities, such as the TETRIS board game and math word problems, to enhance problem-solving skills and mathematical thinking.

The Pre-Algebra class covers various mathematical concepts and operations. They begin with mathematical expressions containing variables and learn how to manipulate equations to solve for the value of the variable using addition and subtraction. The class then delves into order of operations, which includes nested parentheses and exponents. Students are encouraged to practice regularly to solidify their understanding. Furthermore, the class explores scientific notation, square roots, and non-perfect square roots, adding to their repertoire of mathematical skills.

Technology & Culture

While being part of the Wheeling Country Day School community, children prepare for an increasingly global, technological society with language and culture classes as well as technology instruction. In addition to studying Spanish and Japanese, students explore the rich cultural heritage represented by the school’s families. Special school-wide and classroom activities throughout the year expand this understanding of the relationship between self and community. At the same time, students receive computer instruction preparing them for the world’s technology and their participation in it.

Science: Hands-On Exploration

Throughout the year, the science class actively engages in various hands-on activities and experiments. They start the year with a focus on organic versus inorganic substances, examining food labels, and learning about marketing claims. Additionally, the students delve into the fascinating process of photosynthesis and its significance in the world of plants. They learn about chlorophyll and its role in changing leaf colors during the fall season. Moreover, the class has the opportunity to work with a grow tower, conducting experiments and learning about hydroponic produce. They also venture into pH testing and engage in a fun and educational photosynthesis relay race. Overall, the science class fosters critical thinking and encourages students to explore the scientific method to gain a deeper understanding of natural processes.

Sports, Clubs, & After School Activities

Wheeling Country Day School extends its curriculum by offering students a variety of clubs that they may join. Middle School students have the ability to participate in select sports including swim team, cross country, golf, tennis, martial arts, and more. 

6th Grade Teachers & Staff

Wheeling Country Day School Headshot Missing Picture Day

Brittney Farris

MS Science
carrie ochap

Carrie Ochap

Middle School/Middle School Director
Wheeling Country Day School Headshot Missing Picture Day

Chelsey Keding

black face

Damon Rouse

4th Grade
black face

David Mallow

MS Science
joe jividen

Joe Jividen

Middle School / Director of Communications

Before & Aftercare Programs

Our before and aftercare programs are designed to help the student and the parent. Drop your students off early or pick them up a bit later and feel comfortable knowing they are safe and still learning.

Tutoring & Multisensory Learning

Edge at Wheeling Country Day School is an on-campus instruction center for students with language-based learning differences. 

Seventh Grade

For students ready to graduate from Sixth Grade, Wheeling Country Day School offers exceptional Seventh Grade education.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the science class promote hands-on learning and critical thinking?

The science class actively engages students in hands-on activities and experiments throughout the year. Students examine food labels, learn about marketing claims, explore the process of photosynthesis, and conduct chromatography experiments. These activities foster critical thinking skills and encourage students to explore scientific concepts through practical applications.

How is my child's progress in Pre-Algebra being supported in the classroom?

In Pre-Algebra, students receive comprehensive support to build a strong foundation in mathematics. They work on exponent rules, scientific notation, multi-digit division, and order of operations. The class incorporates interactive games and problem-solving activities to reinforce learning and ensure students have a solid understanding of the concepts.

How is English class encouraging reading and writing skills?

In English class, students engage in various activities to enhance their reading and writing abilities. They read and analyze the novel “Freak the Mighty,” focusing on character development and making inferences. Additionally, students work on book reports, exploring literary analysis and elements of suspense in writing, to foster their comprehension and expressive writing skills.

How does the school ensure the safety of students during field trips and special events?

The school prioritizes student safety during field trips and special events. Staff members supervise students closely and ensure adherence to safety protocols. Additionally, the school maintains open communication with parents, providing detailed information about upcoming activities, trip itineraries, and safety measures to ensure a safe and enjoyable learning experience for all students.


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