What a Year it Was

Open Water, Red Pandas, and Twin Pops, oh my!


2017-2018 was an incredible year at Wheeling Country Day School. Not only did we continue evolving our programming and campus infrastructure, but we also expanded our influential footprint within our community. We connected with local and regional partners to try new things and challenge ourselves on open water and inside panda cages. With our 90th birthday just around the corner, we set our sights high to prove it’s possible here, in a school our size with our history, to achieve great things. With that in mind, we’ve decided to try something new right here, starting with our annual report. We think you’ll agree it’s an improvement and a new take on sharing our story with those who mean the most. Grab a twin pop and scroll through our year in review. We’ll take banana.

We're giving away our limited edition decals inspired by all that happened right here during the 2017-2018 school year.

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Campus Living

We pride ourselves providing a truly familial environment for students, parents, faculty, and staff. We find and embrace passions everywhere we look, which has increased enrollment and opportunities to shine for the entire WCDS community.

*WCDS campus from 1,000 ft taken by JoJoIII weather balloon

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Miles traveled by WCDS staff to participate in or lead professional development opportunities

It Takes a Village

While we all feel comfortable in our own little bubble, WCDS has been deliberate in our community outreach in 2017-2018. There’s a whole world out there beyond our campus, and we’re committed to spreading our smiles both near and far.


Views of 5th grade artwork hanging in the Intermodal Center in downtown Wheeling since May 2018


Coffee beans brewed for our daily parent coffee club

Nom Nom Namaste

From the food we take in to the air we breathe out, we believe in mind, body, and soul wellness. That’s why we have developed our social and emotional learning curriculum alongside our healthy roots lunch program. We’ve proven even kale can be fun…


Lunches served to students and faculty

Embrace the Weird

At WCDS, we encourage and embrace the unique personality of the students, faculty, and staff. It’s what makes us great, and what allows us to wholeheartedly try new things without fear of failure. Find your passion and know it’s possible here.


We sincerely appreciate all those who donated to WCDS this year. In a school of our size, with our history, people like you make it possible here to do all of this and so much more.

Here’s to 90 years and 90 to come.

With all our hearts, thank you.

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