Parent Q&As – August 2020

While questions abound, here is an extensive list of the questions we have received as of August 5th, 2020. We will add to and possibly edit this list often, as one does in the COVID era, so please note these are our answers today. Should specifics change, we will address them with you directly. Again, thank you in advance for your continued support and understanding. This is something we will get through together, even if sometimes apart.

Liz’s responses are in blue.

Tuition Plans

  1. Why are plan c payments still due August 10 if school starts in September? Our business model requires advanced payment for tuition. Plan C used to be July – April until recently.
  2. Can we withdraw from school? If we do, will you hold our space for 21-22? Email Stephanie Skadra to learn about the tuition insurance implications. You will not have to apply again, but a spot cannot be saved.
  3. Can we still apply for COVID-19 tuition support? Please email me as soon as you can.

Mitigation Levels

  1. In levels 2 and 3, when is the remote day? Why Friday? It allows consistency of schedule for the children and a necessary block of time for teachers to reset from the responsibility of social distancing we are placing on them.
  2. Do you foresee a switch to level 1 mitigation (with all 5 days at school) during this school year? If so, how far into the year do you anticipate that? Yes I do. I wish I knew.
  3. When do we have to decide if we are going remote? You can let us know each day.
  4. Who do we email if we decide to go remote on any given day? Email the classroom teacher and the office please. Let us know the reason you will be remote, i.e. symptoms, exposure, concern, etc.
  5. If a child or teacher in the school tests positive, what protocol will be followed? Will that grade go into quarantine or go on as normal? We will work with the local health departments to determine our response to positive tests for members of the cohort. The magic numbers are 6 and 15. Were others within six feet for longer than 15 minutes?
  6. What if a parent is exposed? Families are quarantined together due to symptoms or positive tests. The type/details of exposure dictate the reaction the family has to take.


  1. What if our pediatrician says our child should not wear a mask? Please have your pediatrician communicate that with me directly.
  2. Are masks required outside? No they are not.
  3. Can we survey parents of grades 2 and down to see how many would prefer their child to wear a mask? We can do that.
  4. If we want our child to wear a mask inside in grades 2 and down, will you support that? We will. Please make that clear with the classroom teacher.

Drop Off/ Pick up

  1. How will symptom checking take place at drop off? There are six of us assigned to drop off. We will review questions and temp check with every car.
  2. What will middle school drop off look like? It will be the same as it is at 8 Park Road, but at the Stone Building at Wheeling Park
  3. If I have kids of different ages, when do I drop off/pick up? Follow the timing of the oldest child.

Remote Learning

  1. Can we provide the ID and password for zoom and not just the link to the zoom? We will do that.
  2. Will be able to learn exactly what remote learning will look like for the days the child is sick? We will share with you the all-remote schedule as soon as it is complete. On days your child is remote, but others are in-person your child will have specific times to be synchronous between 9:00 – 3:00. We will drop the schedule for the week every Sunday.
  3. Will we as families have to purchase zoom? No
  4. Will our remote experience be better than last spring? Yes – we always work to improve on a child’s experience from one year to the next; we have had two sessions of remote learning workshops each week.
  5. Will there be a schedule? We will share with you the all-remote schedule as soon as it is complete. On days your child is remote, but others are in-person your child will have specific times to be synchronous between 9:00 – 3:00. We will drop the schedule for the week every Sunday.


  1. Do the JK families have the ability to switch back to the 5 day per week option if we reach level 1? If we feel it will continue.
  2. When do we have to decide if we want four days or five? By September 1.

School Supplies/ Dress Code

  1. Should we limit what our kids are bringing to campus? Please do. Let’s all be minimalists.
  2. What will supply drop off look like? Your child will bring those on day one or during Comeback Kid Camp.
  3. Are children bringing backpacks? Not in PS and JK and only if you think your child needs it for organization in older grades. Less is more. Lunch bags? These help keep snacks, lunch and food in one place and away from ants.
  4. About when should we expect a school supply list? It is on the webpage.
  5. Are we still following the dress code? Yes for grades sk – 5, but with a great deal of latitude.

Comeback Kids Camp

  1. Why are you charging for comeback kid camp? We are offering this as a discounted service to parents. We cannot start school until 9/8 at this point.
  2. Can you tell us more about the Comeback Kids Camp? It is a chance for students and teachers AND parents to ease back on to campus. It is not instruction.
  3. Do we have to do all three weeks? Not at all. Come for just a few days if you would like.
  4. What do the ‘steps’ mean? Those were creative ways to label the three weeks. It doesn’t mean anything.


  1. Will parents be able to volunteer? The only place parents may be able to volunteer this year is in the kitchen where children will not be present. We will keep you posted.
  2. Will there only be one choice for lunch each day?  There will be no salad bar.
  3. Where will they eat? In their assigned outdoor classroom weather permitting – otherwise in their cohort classrooms.


  1. Can you recommend a therapist? Yes – just ask. Are there therapists available on campus?
  2. Will the CML program still operate the same way? It will – students will still have structured, sequential learning in a small group setting.
  3. Can we see the classrooms? Yes – we will work on that – either in person or virtually at the end of the month.
  4. Why do we have to follow the governor’s orders? An executive order by the governor applies to all schools in a state of emergency.
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