Dress Code

Our dress code helps to establish an identity and pride for our school. It sets a standard for students to present themselves neatly and modestly. Assembly dress must be worn every Monday, on assembly days, and for specified programs or field trips. It is appropriate any day. Regular dress is required for all other days unless specified, such as Freedom Friday casual days, which occur on the last Friday of every month.

*With respect to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we will be very relaxed in regards to requirements of the WCDS dress code.*

A few notes for everyone:

  • Our children are ACTIVE. Choose clothing while keeping in mind that a child will be outside, working with paints, and sitting on the floor. 
  • Hair should be combed and conservatively styled without covering the eyes. 
  • Shoes must be flat with closed toe and closed heel; sneakers are acceptable anytime.

Dress Code: SK-5

WCDS Dress (formerly Assembly Dress)
WCDS Dress must be worn every Monday and on other days as specified by the teacher for field trips, assemblies, etc… 

Tops: solid navy polo-style shirt, plain or WCDS logo. 

Bottoms: solid khaki pants/shorts/skorts/skirts/jumpersSocks/Tights: must be worn; solid navy or white

Optional Sweaters: solid navy or white, plain or WCDS logo

Blue blazers with logo are optional.

Regular Dress:
Regular Dress is required for all other days unless specified, such as Freedom Friday Casual Dress days which occur on the last Friday of every month. 

Tops: solid color, polo-style shirt with collar

Bottoms: solid khaki or navy pants/shorts/skorts/skirts/jumpers

Socks/Tights: must be worn and coordinated with outfit

Sweaters: predominantly solid color

Sweatshirts/Fleece: WCDS logo sweatshirts are acceptable

*Other sweatshirts or fleece are not part of the school dress code, but may be worn only as outerwear. 

Dress Code: Junior KindergartenStudents should be dressed for comfort and ease of self-dressing with no belts, buckles, or other clothing that is difficult to manage. Keep in mind that the children often use play dough or paints and spend time outside. 

**See our FAQs for more information**

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