EdgeMath in EdWeek – WCDS Program Gets National Recognition

Behind the scenes at Wheeling Country Day School, something has been happening. Well, something is always happening behind the scenes, and in front of the curtain, and in the back of our minds and written right on our faces, but this something is a little different. 

This time, we’ve taken one of our most lasting, impactful programs and scaled it to meet the needs of more students than we could have imagined just a few short years ago. EdgeMath, one of the cornerstones of the newly branded startup, Edge (developed by Liz Hofreuter right here at WCDS), is gearing up for a national launch. As Margaret Howells has begun piloting the program with schools in Pennsylvania and Ohio, the idea is also garnering interest from local and national media. Education Week, the premier resource for K-12 education news in America, recently featured Mrs. Howells and her groundbreaking work as part of a larger piece that included researchers from Vanderbilt University, the University of Texas, and Western University in Ontario. This article is beyond validating for the work we’ve put in and the potential Edge has to impact the lives of countless children suffering from this ‘silent illiteracy’. 

Be on the lookout for much more news about Edge as new dyscalculia curriculum and dyslexia impact studies begin to drop for both EdgeMath and EdgeLiteracy. In the meantime, though, enjoy seeing your school mentioned alongside some of the biggest names in education and take pride in knowing you are part of something that transcends the instant gratification of letter grades and standardized testing all too often prioritized in the K-12 years.

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