Hanna Williams


Hanna Williams

Third Grade

What/Who inspired you to become a teacher?

My biggest inspiration to become a teacher was my 4th grade teacher. Her excitement and engagement in the classroom ignited the interest in me to become an educator. Her creative ideas and enthusiasm are what I hope to carry into my own classroom.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement as a teacher so far?

My greatest achievement was my class trip to our Northern branch Campus in November 2022. As a first year teacher, I wanted to do something my students would remember while also giving back to our community. During this trip my class, co-teacher, and I focused on homelessness in the Wheeling area. We made 28 hand-tied blankets, collected over 70 canned goods, and packed 28 hygiene bags. All of these items were donated and hand delivered to Youth Services! We even had a visit from our local council woman, Rosemary Ketchum who gave us resources to help the unsheltered. Lastly, we visited the Wheeling Soup Kitchen where we created placemats and set the tables for their afternoon lunch!

What are some of the most important life skills you hope to instill in your students?

As an educator, I want my students to understand that making a mistake is not failure, but rather a stepping stone of growth and development. A mistake should not define a student, but rather be an opportunity to learn. A mistake doesn’t define one, it teaches one. Above all, the most important skill is allowing my students the grace to be themselves!