We have begun to assemble some web resources that we have found to be valuable for parents. Please let us know if there are other sites that you have found to be rich in formation, so that we may share them with others.

How to Grow a Reader

– Betsy Bethel for OVParent

Young Children Want to Engage in Science Lessons

– By Elizabeth Hofreuter-Landini and Linda Krulock

What Does Your Child Want? Your Attention

– By Elizabeth Hofreuter-Landini and Linda Krulock

Changing the Way We Praise Children

– By Elizabeth Hofreuter-Landini and Linda Krulock

Parents Must Learn Skill of Passive Observation

– By Elizabeth Hofreuter-Landini and Linda Krulock

Children and Play

Wheeling News Register Article: The Link Between Mind and Movement

– By Elizabeth Hofreuter-Landini and Linda Krulock

Wheeling News Register Article: Dramatic Play Develops Self-Control

– By Elizabeth Hofreuter-Landini and Linda Krulock

Child Development: Expectations Resource Guide for Parents

Dubbed a parent’s guide to school success, School offers great resources for parents in terms of good questions to ask teachers and excellent guidelines on what to expect from your child in kindergarten, early elementary or elementary grades in Grade by Grade section.

PBS Parents Online Resource Guide

Public Broadcasting has developed an online resource for parents that includes a child development tracker. As they explain, “The information provided by this tool is considered by experts as a representation of “widely-held expectations” for what an average child might achieve within a given year. Please consider this in the context of your child’s unique development.” There is also a guide to Eat Smart for a Great Start.

NPR Article: “Parenting Tips: Praise Can Be Bad; Lying Is Normal”

Author Po Bronson believes that kids today hear too much praise — much of it unearned. A couple of years ago, he wrote an article for New York Magazine on the subject, detailing how praise does not, in fact, lead to self-esteem and achievement as many parents seem to believe.

Brain Development

Fact Sheet for families & people who work with families

Family Issues offers insight into what we know about hoe children learn.

Early Childhood

Science Daily Article: “All Work and No Play Makes for Troubling Trends in Early Education”

Research teaches us a great deal about best practices and new findings that could impact child development and perhaps improve teaching and learning. Science Daily offers a glimpse at research findings entitled, “All Work and No Play Makes for Troubling Trends in Early Education.”

Children and Nature

Nature Resource Guide from Richard Louv

We’ve compiled helpful resources for parents, teachers, and community leaders to help them encourage children’s enjoyment of the great outdoors. These resources include Nature Activities for Kids and Families, Good Books for Kids and Families, and Helpful Links.

Children and Technology


This is a web environment where kids can safely browse, watch videos and play games.

Hot Topics from the National Institute on Media + the Family

The National Institute on Media and The Family offers suggestions for parents on hot topics about Early Childhood, Health and Safety, School Success, Violence and Disrespect, Brain Development and Video Games.

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