What’s the deal with the 8:20 start time?

What we’ve noticed over the past few years is that each child has their own personal set of needs to begin a day ‘ready to learn’. For some, that means a little extra time being active in the gym. For others, it’s some quiet, reflective time in the classroom. And for others still, it just means taking their time. With the inevitable hustle and bustle each morning, and especially with the current construction happening on National Road, the car ride to school can tend to feel far from zen, which can easily hinder a child’s ability to arrive in the proper mindset. So after careful consideration and many discussions with the morning parent groups, we’ve decided to delay the start of school by 20 minutes. Before care will still begin at 7:00. The gym will be open for drop off at 7:30, as always, and classroom doors will be unlocked by 7:50, but our official day will not start until 8:20. We hope this gives each child an opportunity to find his or her own way to begin the day ‘ready to learn’.

I bought fewer school supplies this year, right?

You sure did! We feel it is important that children develop solid skills in executive function. Having too many materials to manage makes that harder than necessary. We wanted a streamlined list of necessary items of which a child must keep track. Our classrooms will be supplied with classroom materials (crayons, markers, etc) for all children to share and for which to care.

I’m still unclear of the details of the new dress code. Will my child be punished for not adhering perfectly?

In short, of course not! We understand that with change comes the need for clarification, and we will certainly answer any questions still lingering as needed. And just to be sure, here is our new policy:Rather than a school uniform, WCDS has a dress code. This allows the children some choice while maintaining an identity for our school and a standard for them to meet. The similarity of items does make for accumulation of items in our lost and found, so please label all clothing.
A few notes for everyone:

  • Our children are ACTIVE. Choose clothing while keeping in mind that a child will be outside, working with paints, and sitting on the floor. 
  • Hair should be combed and conservatively styled without covering the eyes. 
  • Shoes must be flat with closed toe and closed heel; sneakers are acceptable anytime.
  • Dress Code: SK-5

    WCDS Dress (formerly Assembly Dress)
    WCDS Dress must be worn every Monday and on other days as specified by the teacher for field trips, assemblies, etc… Tops: solid navy polo-style shirt, plain or WCDS logoBottoms: solid khaki pants/shorts/skorts/skirts/jumpers

    Socks/Tights: must be worn; solid navy or white

    Optional Sweaters: solid navy or white, plain or WCDS logo

    Blue blazers with logo are optional.


    Regular Dress:
    Regular Dress is required for all other days unless specified, such as Freedom Friday Casual Dress days which occur on the last Friday of every month. 

    Tops: solid color, polo-style shirt with collar

    Bottoms: solid khaki or navy pants/shorts/skorts/skirts/jumpers

    Socks/Tights: must be worn and coordinated with outfit

    Sweaters: predominantly solid color

    Sweatshirts/Fleece: WCDS logo sweatshirts are acceptable

    *Other sweatshirts or fleece are not part of the school dress code, but may be worn only as outerwear. 

  • Dress Code: Junior KindergartenStudents should be dressed for comfort and ease of self-dressing with no belts, buckles, or other clothing that is difficult to manage. Keep in mind that the children often use play dough or paints and spend time outside. 

Speaking of the new policy, why did we get rid of the blazers?

The blazers were a great part of the dress code for special presentations, field trips and occasional ceremonial days (grandparents’ day and graduation). We hate to lose the practice of dressing well for those events; however, it is unfair of the school to require the purchase of a blazer to be worn less than ten times at most. Requiring them to be worn every Monday was an unnecessary worry and became little more than fodder for lost and found. For an event that requires a formal blazer, we want students to have pride in their clothes – our blazers worn weekly did not fit the bill. Your child may certainly wear a blazer if you choose, but he/she is no longer required to do so.

How smelly must the gym clothes be before they should come home?

While we will send home gym clothes at the end of each week, we strongly encourage your child to recognize if and when the detergent has run its course. If he or she notices the need for a new shirt, please have them take action. If there is a problem bringing their bag home throughout the week, you may just send a clean set of gym clothes and they will all be sent home on Friday.

I really want to know what’s going on with my child each day. Is there a way to see what their routine is like?

Sure! There are a few ways we offer to help acclimate you with our school days. First of all, each parent should receive weekly email newsletters from your child’s homeroom teachers outlining key moments throughout the week and highlighting with pictures, announcements, etc… We also offer monthly Parent Visits in which we invite you to come to the school, have some coffee or tea, sit down for an informal discussion with Mrs. H-L, and then observe your child’s classroom like a ‘fly on the wall’ for an hour or so. Further, we will be piloting a few other live streaming options like Facebook Live and Periscope to offer some real-time viewing capabilities even if you can’t physically make it to campus. Finally, we have made a commitment to more passive interactions like podcasts, blog posts, and short video bursts with faculty, students, and staff to give you a feel for our vast school environment from a variety of perspectives.

Who are my child’s teachers this year?

We are preparing schedules for you to have the first week of school that will identify all of your child’s teachers. As in the past children will have two core teachers and multiple teachers for value-added academics. While every WCDS teacher has the privilege and responsibility for every child at our school, the core, or homeroom, teachers will be the number one point of contact for you as parents throughout the year and you will hear from them regularly.

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