New Summer Camps Available Now!

2018 WCDS Summer Camp flyer with child running through water in pink rain boots

We’re back!

Our regionally renowned summer programs are here for another year with lots of new offerings like Disney Days Dress Up and PlayUltimate Hide and Seek, and BattleBots Robots and Coding as well as camp classics like Stop Motion Movie Making, Pottery, and, of course, Creek Week! As always, our afternoons are filled with splashes and sun on our beautiful six acre campus. Daily slip and slides as well as creek walks in the clean stream flowing right through campus are signatures of each afternoon. It’s the ideal mix of modern programming and that classic summer feeling we lived as kids.

Where else can your child program a robot to dance to her favorite song and set the stone skipping record in the same day? Where else will he film a stop motion movie before launching a water balloon at a target 100 feet away? The answer is nowhere but right here at Wheeling Country Day School Summer Camps!

Let your little ones enjoy the modern throwback of a summer experience we all remember so well.

View our offerings and sign up for a summer of fun today!

-Luke Hladek

Director, Wheeling Country Day School Summer Camps

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