Liz Takes on the Next Adventure

With an understanding of the need for change in dynamic organizations, and with the courage to learn something new, Elizabeth Hofreuter has made the decision that the 2023-2024 academic year will be her last as Head of Wheeling Country Day School.

During her tenure, WCDS has seen remarkable growth, not only physically with new buildings, higher enrollment, and unique Branch Campuses around the city but also in prestige with our school now recognized as a standard bearer of innovative independent education, not least for the development of Edge Fearless Learning, which Liz will now lead. In true Liz Hofreuter fashion, she has found, even amidst a new opportunity, a creative way to benefit Wheeling Country Day School, as Edge Fearless Learning will help WCDS evolve for greater student impact while also sustaining the fiscal health of this school for future generations. While her departure comes with inevitable emotions, finding an opportunity where others see a challenge has been a mainstay of Liz’s leadership and the staff and administrative team are more than prepared for this change, thanks to the culture she has developed.

The WCDS Board of Trustees has enlisted the services of RG175, an industry-leading firm, to assist with this important transition throughout the coming months and will update our community on the progress regularly. For more information and to hear from Board Chair Lisa Allen and Liz herself, please read the full announcement and watch the video below. You can also download a copy of the announcement here.

Congratulations to Liz Hofreuter on her new adventure and on a legacy of success to be enjoyed for years to come. Now, let’s enjoy one more ride together.

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How long has Liz been with Wheeling Country Day School?

She’s been educating for 35 years…having been here at WCDS for 15 years and she’s ready to learn something new.

Is that a long time?

The average independent school headship is 5-7 years. Liz has given us 15, which makes her the second longest-tenured head at Wheeling Country Day School and the longest since 1960. 

What is Edge?

Edge is an intensive intervention in literacy and math – tutoring students with dyslexia and developing an open learning management solution for dyscalculia.

Why was Edge created?

1. To evolve for greater student impact – leveraging technology beyond Wheeling to increase academic support and promote equity. 

2. To secure WCDS financial future – sustaining the financial future for WCDS secures a platform for innovation.

How does Edge support Wheeling Country Day School?

Edge will support WCDS in two primary ways. 

1) Edge will help secure the financial future of WCDS by developing additional revenue streams for the school.  

2) Edge will impact more kids than ever before which will expand our mission and raise the school’s standing in the independent school world. Edge, or something like Edge, is how independent schools will keep going. It’s a different model and schools around the country are already asking us how we did it.

Why does Edge need a full-time leader?

Edge’s growth has led to more layers and complexity than are optimal for the business structure of a small independent school like WCDS.

Edge has almost 100 employees and will serve more than 550 students this year.