Parent Resources

We want you to have as much information as you can in regards to your children, our school, and our procedures. Whether you need a form or information about school closing, we have information available for you. 

Mission: WCDS empowers students to think, to create, and to communicate in a nurturing environment where learning and character are paramount.

Wheeling Country Day school’s purpose is to nurture the intellectual, creative, and ethical growth of children from diverse backgrounds. A balanced program of academic basics, fine arts, physical development, and critical thinking develops and enhances students’ individual and cooperative abilities. In a positive environment children learn to be self-reliant, self-motivated, and resourceful learners. A supportive faculty challenges students to learn independently and within a group, with and without direct instruction, and the faculty rewards the students’ best efforts, ambition, and accomplishments. A wide variety of activities beyond the classroom enrich learning opportunities. Personalized instruction using various methods and materials contribute to the total experience.

Wheeling Country Day School is a true learning environment. Students, teachers, and staff alike are encouraged to find and develop their passions, to be true to themselves, and to reach out into the world to make a difference.

It's Possible Here.

Wheeling Country Day School is a safe place to try a new skill that could become a life’s passion, to connect with an adult who will forever believe in you unconditionally, to balance the vulnerability, to lead with the empowerment of being part of a team and something greater than yourself.

Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission 

WCDS engages students to think, to create, and to communicate in nurturing environments so resilience builds character and learning remains paramount. 

Our Values 

Embracing each moment with a generous spirit, modeling kindness and compassion without expectation.

Encouraging curiosity to reveal the potential and the possibilities in every learner and every moment.

Offering a sense of belonging and building a community that is part of something bigger.

Infusing growth into each opportunity to learn something new with an eye towards the future and deep respect for our roots.

Using our independence as a private school with a public purpose to do what’s best for learners while instilling them with the belief that they can impact the world.

Our Purpose 

Wheeling Country Day School and its Edge program are changing the perception of potential so everyone can learn fearlessly.

Routines & Procedures

The school office is open from 7:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday when school is in session. The driveway gate is open from 7:30-8:30 and again after 3:00. Between the hours of 8:30 and 3:00, access to campus is granted via the intercom on the lower gate and the alley gate. 10 minute parking is available in the alley.


We Two


Session I Instructional Time – 9:00-10:15 

Session II Instructional Time – 11:00-12:15


Preschool 3-Year-Old 

3 days: Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday

5 days: Monday-Friday

Arrival: 8:20-8:40

Dismissal: Lunch Bunch 12:30; Extended Day 3:00


Junior Kindergarten 4-Year-Old


Arrival: 8:20-8:40

Dismissal: Lunch Bunch 12:30; Extended Day 3:00

Senior Kindergarten – Fifth Grade


Arrival: 8:00-8:30

Open Gym: 8:00-8:20; Classrooms open at 8:20; Instruction begins at 8:45

Dismissal: 3:10 (Gates will not open until 3:00)


Middle School


Arrival: 8:20-8:40

Classrooms open at 8:20; Instruction begins at 8:45

Dismissal: 3:00-3:30


Before Care When school is in session




After Care When school is in session


Dismissal – 5:00

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures - PS - 5th grade

Please be considerate of others at drop-off and pick-up. If you plan to get out of the car, please park in a spot to keep traffic moving. 

    • We ask that you please remain in your vehicle upon arrival. Please do not let your child exit your car unless a staff member is present.
    • SK-5th grade students are dropped off in front of the gym. The gym doors open no earlier than 7:30 a.m. 
    • Preschool students are dropped off in the alley that leads from Orchard Road to Peterson Hospital. A staff member will come to your vehicle and escort your child to the classroom.   
    • Junior Kindergarten students are dropped off at the blue Junior Kindergarten fenced gate. You may park in any available spot along the blue chain link fence and a staff member will come to your vehicle and escort your child to the classroom.   
  • Any student arriving late must be accompanied to the office.
  • SK – 5th grade students are picked up in front of the gym for dismissal.
  • Preschool & Junior Kindergarten students are picked up at the lower shelter along Orchard Road unless waiting with an older student/sibling.

If you cannot pick up your child on time, (s)he will be taken to After Care. Preschool and Junior Kindergarten morning students will remain with the extended day program.

Children who remain at school after regular school hours for extracurricular clubs or activities are to be picked up in front of the gym on time or they will be taken to After Care.

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures - Middle School

  • Arrival and dismissal will take place at the step of the Stone Building at Wheeling Park. 
  • We ask that you please remain in your vehicle.


Regular school attendance is essential for consistent academic progress and achievement. If your child is to be absent from school or late on any given day, please inform the school office at 304-232-2430 by 8:00 a.m. Students to be dismissed during the day for a medical or dental appointment need to bring a note to school. Children in PS – 5th grade must be picked up in the school office for early dismissals. Children must also be accompanied to the office when they return from any appointments during the school day. Use the alley gate for these instances.

The Head of School must be given at least a one-week advance notice in writing of any planned absence. The nature of hands-on learning makes it difficult to provide comparable assignments for work missed at school. The approval of any extended absence is at the discretion of the Head of School.

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures - PS - 5th grade

The driveway gate will be unlocked from 7:00-9:00 AM for student drop off. It will be unlocked at 3:10 PM for student pick up. During the school day you can access the campus via the intercom at the upper alley gate. If arriving before the main gate is open, pull into a parking spot and wait, rather than waiting on the road.

Emergency School Closings

If inclement weather results in hazardous conditions, the school will close or delay classes. Wheeling Country Day School closings and delays are NOT connected to any other school system. Individual families should make decisions about personal safety. The following stations broadcast information about closings and delays: WTRF-TV Channel 7, WTOV-TV Channel 9. You will also receive a text and an automated phone call from the school. Before Care will open at 7 a.m. on days when the start of school is delayed.

Field Trips

Parents driving for field trips must have a background check, a current copy of your driver’s license and certificate of insurance on file with the school. In the event a chaperone fee is charged for a field trip, payment must be made before the trip. If for any reason a child is not allowed to participate in the field trip, the child must be kept at home.

Tuition Assistance

The school offers a tuition assistance program designed to enroll students who could not otherwise afford to attend. The Board of Trustees sets policy for tuition assistance, and the Tuition Assistance Committee considers applications from any family (Preschool Extended Day through Middle School) who may need assistance. Applications are processed by a third party financial analysis service which recommends what a family should reasonably contribute toward tuition. Tuition assistance is not automatically renewed and must be applied for annually within the time frame designated by the school.


Re-enrollment contracts are emailed during the second trimester.  The non-refundable deposit and tuition refund insurance payment will hold a space in the upcoming class.


In the event of a child possibly needing a growing year, the teachers, parents, and departmental director will meet to discuss the concerns.

Tuition Payments

WCDS provides a Praxi Parent Portal for accessing tuition balance and making payments. Regardless of the payment plan chosen, funds may be automatically withdrawn from either a credit card or a checking account (ACH). If you choose to use a credit card, a 2% non-refundable convenience fee will be added to each transaction. If you choose to use an ACH account, a one-time non-refundable convenience fee of $100.00 will be assessed. You do NOT have to use either method for payment. The office always accepts checks or cash payments with no fees attached.

Student Services

Before and After Care

This program has been established as a service to our parents and is open to all WCDS students. Before Care will operate from 7:30-8:00 a.m. After Care will operate from dismissal to 5:00 p.m. After 5:00 p.m. an emergency contact will be called to pick up the child. 

Both will be available every regular school day (with the exception of the day before Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, Easter break, and Graduation Day). On early dismissal days, After Care will end at 3:00. Only those persons listed on a child’s dismissal list will be allowed to pick up the child. Children attending After Care past 4:00 p.m. will be offered a nutritious snack. 

Before and after school programs are now prepaid services. Parents must use their Praxi Portal to sign-up for these services at the first of each month or pay a higher daily drop-in rate. The monthly rate choices are as follows:    

Childcare Options and Payment Information

Entire month must be paid in advance

  1.  Choose your monthly before care/aftercare needs:


  1. 8 days of the month
  2. 12 days of the month
  3. Every day of the month


  1. Check mark those days (for the entire month) in your Praxi Parent Portal under “Reserve Childcare”.


  1. Pay before the month begins:


  1. Using A/R (not lunch) on your Parent Portal
  2. By check or cash in the office


  1. Deduct 25% of your monthly reservation cost for December

Before Care Monthly Fees per child

Every day 

12 days 

8 days 

(cost per day)

Before Care (7:30-8:00)






After Care Monthly Fees per child

Every day 






(cost per day)

After Care    (3:30-4:30) or

1 hour          (4:30-5:00)





Day Care

2 hours         (3:30-5:00)






A health form must be completed before a student enters school. Parents are advised to alert the school in writing of all health considerations for their child and, especially, to provide instructions and procedures for any emergency medications (such as peanut allergies, asthma, bee stings, etc.). Any special conditions regarding a student must be brought to the attention of the administration through a written notification from the child’s physician. As stated in the school’s Life-Threatening Allergy or Disease Policy, “The school may not be able to provide full protection from all life-threatening allergies.” If any information changes during the school year, it is important to file a new form. A copy of the health form will accompany the child on field trips.


Before entering Wheeling Country Day School, a copy of the child’s birth certificate is required. Also, children must be properly immunized. Proof of immunization is part of state guidelines and must be on file in the school office before the student arrives for class. 


If a child becomes ill at school, the child will be sent to the office to have their temperature taken.  A child who has a temperature of 100.4 degrees F (tympanic) or symptoms of COVID-19 will remain in the office. The parent will be called to arrange for the child to be picked up within 20 minutes. 


You must inform the office if your child tests positive for COVID-19 or highly infectious diseases. Wheeling Country Day School will follow the CDC guidelines and return to school procedures. 


If a child is too ill to attend school, a parent must call the school before 8:45 a.m. Please do not leave a message with staff members on morning duty. The school reserves the right to request clarification from the child’s physician and confirmation that the student is ready to return to school. To protect a child and his/her classmates, parents are asked to keep a child home during the highly infectious first stages of illness. Students should be fever-free and symptom-free without medication for 72 hours before returning to school. If your child develops a contagious disease, please notify the office, so parents of other children who may have been exposed can be informed. When a student becomes ill or injured at school, school authorities will make every effort to contact the parents (or the emergency contact if parents cannot be reached). A staff member will care for the student until the parents or medical authorities take over responsibilities. A note will be sent home with the child when they visit the office for an illness or injury.


In the event of a serious medical emergency, students will be transported to the hospital designated on the health form. The Emergency Authorization Form will be taken to the hospital to ensure that a child is not denied emergency medical attention for lack of parental authorization. Parents will be alerted immediately and asked to meet school personnel at the hospital.

Health: Administration of Medication

Medications to be administered at school must be deposited with the school secretary by a parent. No student is permitted to bring, keep, or self-administer any medications, including over-the-counter drugs. All medications must be labeled with the child’s name, dosage, physician and pharmacy names and telephone numbers, prescription number, and effective dates. Any changes to medications, dosage, and/or times administered must be brought to the attention of the secretary in writing. The school may administer non-prescription fever-reducing medications that do not contain aspirin, non-prescription medications, or non-prescription topical ointments, creams, or lotions with parent consent, but without written instructions from a licensed physician or dentist if the parents have given permission on the health form.


Each classroom has a library and we have a small school library where students can borrow books. The school asks that parents help to ensure borrowed materials are returned promptly.

Lost and Found

Unidentified and/or abandoned articles of clothing, notebooks, sports equipment, etc. will be placed in the Lost and Found box in the gym. They will remain there until the beginning of the new trimester and, if unclaimed, will be donated to charity. Articles of value will be taken to the school office and left with the secretary until identified and claimed. Articles of common apparel left unclaimed at the end of the school year will be cleaned and become part of the used clothing sale. Please clearly mark all items used at school so that they may be easily identified and returned to the owner.

Nutrition: Lunch Program

The school offers a hot lunch program five days a week. Students may also elect to bring a lunch to school. Space does not permit the use of the refrigerator or microwave for student lunches except in the case of medical necessity. A monthly menu is available through the Praxi Portal and on the WCDS website. Parents must use their Praxi Portal to order hot lunch. The school maintains a nutritious lunch program. Children are not permitted soft drinks and fast food lunches. Any student not having a cold lunch will be served and charged for hot lunch.

Nutrition: Snacks

All students have a brief morning and afternoon break during which they may eat snacks brought from home. Snacks should be small and nutritious. Please do not send candy, cakes, cookies, or caffeinated drinks.  Soda of any kind is not permitted. Refillable water bottles are required daily.

Parking - 8 Park Road

Visitors should park in any space in the lower lot near the entrance gates. Cars cannot park in the circle in front of the gym during school hours. Park only in designated spots. It poses potential danger to the children, violates safety codes, and blocks the fire lane. If no spaces are available, the lower edge of the field may be used. Please do not park in the lot across the street without permission.

Please be considerate of others at drop-off and pick-up. If you plan to get out of the car, please park in a spot to keep traffic moving.

Remote Learning

*All students and parents of Wheeling Country Day School need to be made aware of the following:

The School uses Zoom as its technology platform to provide academic services remotely. All student and non-student participants may access and use Zoom. Use of  Zoom is subject to its privacy policy (available at: and its terms of service (available at:  Families who have questions about the various vendors which the school uses to facilitate learning and social-emotional support may reach out to obtain access to their privacy policies.

The host may be recording Zoom sessions for asynchronous viewing by those who cannot attend the “live” event. Any recording will be announced at the start of the meeting.  

For the privacy of students, parents and students may not record or take screenshots of Zoom sessions.  The school may take such screenshots for marketing purposes if all participants have provided permission for model release.

Please remember that expectations for acceptable student behavior remain in effect during remote learning as a school-sponsored activity. 

WCDS Remote Learning Code of Conduct

Be punctual and prepared. This is challenging, but it will be one of the necessary skills to develop. Do your best to keep track of your meeting times. If you are late, join anyway and apologize at the end. When you join a meeting, you will be muted on entry – like walking into a room respectfully.
Be focused. While it may not always be possible to find a completely quiet place to learn, try to find a place that will be least distracting to you and other attendees. Wearing headphones/earphones (especially with a mic) will make this much easier for everyone.
Be seen and heard. Unless unavailable to you, everyone should join with video AND audio. Position yourself in a front-lit space so everyone can see your face, and stay in one place so you don’t compromise your connection (or the equilibrium of your peers). Identify yourself with your real name.
Be respectful. Wear clothes that adhere to what is appropriate at school. Sit or stand rather than fully recline. Be mindful of what we can see in your video.

Safety: Drills

Fire drills and lock-down drills are held periodically throughout the year. Students are made aware of emergency evacuation procedures and must maintain silence during these drills so emergency instructions can be heard.

Safety: Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse

All Wheeling Country Day School faculty and staff have a mandatory legal duty to report child abuse. Anyone having “reasonable cause to suspect that a child is neglected or abused, including sexual abuse or sexual assault, or observes a child being subjected to conditions that are likely to result in abuse or neglect has no more than 24 hours to call the West Virginia Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline at 800-352-6513.”


Children must keep all toys (or any extra items) at home. Teachers will allow toys on designated days throughout the school year and these days will be communicated through email.


The school offers students access to a range of technology, including the internet and email, for students in grades three and above. Parental permission is required for students to access the above; however, should a parent prefer that a student not have said access, the student will still use a computer for educational purposes.  


Students are responsible for appropriate behavior, complying with school standards, on all devices at all campus locations or school-sponsored activities.  Said use is a privilege, not a right, and may be revoked if abused. Students are advised never to access, keep, or send anything they would not want their parents or teachers to see. 


Students are not permitted at any time while on campus to use personal devices, including cell phones and smart watches unless approved by a WCDS faculty member. If parents need to contact their child throughout the school day, they should contact the office. 


If students bring their own devices to school, they must connect to the school’s internet and its applied filters. Any attempt to bypass the filter or gain access through cellular services is prohibited. Personal devices are subject to search by the school’s administration and faculty if there is a suspicion of a violation. Each user is responsible for his/her own device and should use it responsibly and appropriately for school-related activities. WCDS takes no responsibility for stolen, lost, or damaged devices, including corrupted data.

Academic Information

Accommodation for Disability or Limitation

Wheeling Country Day School is a private, not-for-profit organization whose cost of operation exceeds the cost of tuition per student. There are times when that reality limits the ability of the school to make any and all accommodations that might arise for a school population. However, it is the policy of the school to comply with all laws which are applicable to private, not-for-profit schools and to, whenever feasible and possible, based on the judgment of the Head of School and the administration of Wheeling Country Day School, make any accommodations that can be made and are necessary to help students with any disability, large or small, adjust to daily life at the school. If Wheeling Country Day School has concerns that it cannot accommodate the needs of any child, the Head of School or another administrator will notify the parents. They will work toward a resolution or suggest that another choice might be necessary for that child.

Home Learning

The acquisition and development of successful study habits are essential for the full development of a student’s academic potential.  Although the amount and frequency of homework assignments may vary according to grade level and subject area, study and home preparation are an integral part of each program.  Through homework, a child may learn to apply and reinforce skills and concepts, acquire information for use in class discussions, and learn to take responsibility for completing a task by budgeting time wisely. 


Parents are often unsure how they can best help with homework.  The most important contribution a parent can make is to provide the proper conditions for the completion of assignments.  Students should have a quiet, well-lit area and a set time designated for homework.  Homework is to be completed by the child. 


Each child learns at his/her own rate, sometimes needing more or less time to grasp concepts that others of the same age.  For this reason, it is imperative that parents be aware of their child’s specific needs and modify other activities to allow for reasonable time for each child to spend on assignments. 


Please contact the teacher if you feel your child is spending too much time on homework to ensure the child is understanding the material.

Progress Reports

There are three trimesters during the school year.  Progress reports communicate to parents a child’s development in the classroom.  Parent conferences are held for all students during the first trimester on the designated conference day. 


At any time during the year, parents are invited to contact the office to arrange a conference to discuss any learning, developmental, or social issues of concern.


As mandated by West Virginia, standardized testing will be administered each year. Parents will receive the results following completion. 


For the school’s purposes, tutoring is defined as one-on-one or small group teaching between a teacher and student(s) for pay after school hours. 


As a school, we pride ourselves on the attention we give to individual students and on our availability to students.  We do not recommend outside tutoring for a student unless it is felt that the student has utilized all of the resources available at WCDS. 


However, a teacher or the Learning Specialist may recommend outside tutoring if circumstances warrant and if approved by the head of school.  Tutoring arrangements should be coordinated and closely monitored by the family and the school. Clear, regular communication between the tutor, family, and school will realize the greatest benefit for the student during the tutoring period. 


If you desire after-school tutoring for your child or wish for your child to be evaluated for in-school support from Edge/WCDS please contact your child’s classroom teacher or the center’s coordinator.


Once tutoring is established, the following responsibilities apply:

  1. Students, whether WCDS or outside students must be with an adult when on campus after school hours.  If pick-up cannot be arranged at the end of the scheduled tutoring time, the student will be escorted to aftercare at the published rate. 
  2. The tutor is responsible for connecting with the families if she/he is unable to tutor.  WCDS students will go to aftercare at no additional charge if the tutor cancels on the same day.
  3. WCDS teachers are prohibited from tutoring during school hours when they are expected to be available for help to all students or while attending to outer contractual responsibilities.

Behavioral Policies


It is the school’s ultimate aim to have each child respond to an inner-directed sense of right and wrong.  However, preschool – eighth-grade children need guidance to develop this inner direction. The school and home become partners in the important task of character development. The school’s disciplinary standards vary with the age of the child and the situation. 


Children are aware of the WCDS rules and procedures from the first day of class.  If a child displays a blatant disregard for the school’s rules or procedures, appropriate action will be taken, and parents will be contacted.  If a teacher does not witness a misconduct, all efforts will be made to determine the events that transpired.  If a child is sent home, a conference including parent(s), administration, and any involved faculty must occur before reentry in addition to other requirements as determined by the Head of School and administration. 


Certain conduct will not be tolerated under any circumstances.  This includes but is not limited to, violence, threats, theft, vandalism, possession or use of drugs, tobacco, alcohol, or weapons of any kind. Disciplinary action will be taken. 


In addition to disciplinary action, a student who damages school equipment or property will be expected to pay for repairs or replacements. 


The school reserves the right to require the withdrawal of any student from the school when, in the opinion of the Head of School and administration, such action would be in the best interest of the student and/or the school.  If the school has reason to believe a positive, constructive relationship cannot exist or is impossible to achieve, parents will be notified to find another placement for the child. 

Dress Code

Rather than a school uniform, WCDS has a dress code. This allows the children some choice while maintaining an identity for the school and a standard for them to meet. Because of the similarity of items, please label all clothing. 


A few notes for everyone:


  • Our children are ACTIVE. When choosing clothing items, please keep in mind that your child will be playing and sitting outside, working with paints, and spending time on the floor.  
  • Hair should be combed without covering the eyes.
  • Shoes must be flat with closed toe and closed heel; sneakers are acceptable anytime.


Preschool and Junior Kindergarten

Students should be dressed for comfort and ease of self-dressing with no belts, buckles, or other clothing that is difficult to manage. Keep in mind that the children often use play dough or paints and spend time outside.


Grades SK-5

WCDS Dress:  

WCDS dress must be worn every Monday and other days as specified by the teacher for field trips, assemblies, etc.

Tops-solid navy polo-style shirt, plain or WCDS logo

Bottoms-solid khaki pants/shorts/skorts/skirts/jumpers 

Socks-must be worn 

Shoes-closed toe shoes only


Regular Dress:

Regular dress is required for all other days unless specified, such as Freedom Friday Casual Dress days which occur on the last Friday of every month. 


Tops- polo-style shirt with collar or  WCDS apparel. WCDS clothing can be purchased through

Bottoms-solid khaki or navy pants/shorts/skorts/skirts/jumpers 

Socks-must be worn 

Shoes – closed toe shoes only


Middle School  

Students in the middle school grades may dress casually.

Parent Faculty Association (PFA)

Wheeling Country Day School has a strong tradition with its school-parent partnership. The PFA plays a vital role in contributing to the school’s welfare.  All WCDS parents and faculty are automatically members of the PFA.  Parent-elected officers and appointed faculty members make up the executive committee. The PFA holds several general membership meetings featuring guest speakers or discussions concerning school-related activities. Some of the PFA sponsored programs throughout the year include the Thanksgiving All-School Luncheon, Teacher Appreciation Day, and Student Appreciation Week.  

Celebrate is the PFA’s annual event. Open to all in the school’s community and guests, it is a fun opportunity to meet everyone while raising funds for special projects.


The various activities cannot exist without the help of the whole school community. The Volunteer Form is available online. It lists a variety of opportunities utilizing various parent (and grandparent) talents. 

Background Check Requirement for Volunteers

At Wheeling Country Day School, your child(ren)’s safety is our utmost concern.  In an effort to take necessary measures to ensure the safety of your children and Wheeling Country Day School staff and patrons, we will ask for appropriate background checks.  Each employee and volunteer or chaperone at the school must complete and consent to a background check.  Eligibility may be based upon information obtained by the school in conjunction with the information obtained from the background check.  Classroom guests, including guest readers, do not have to have a background check on file because they are under the direct supervision of a faculty member.

Confidentiality Expectations for Volunteers

Respecting confidentiality is important to protect the rights of WCDS students. Volunteers may observe student academic performance or behaviors, sometimes requiring minor disciplinary action. These should be treated with strict confidentiality. If a volunteer has a concern, he/she should speak with the appropriate teacher or Head of School about the matter.

Parental Comportment

By signing a Wheeling Country Day School enrollment contract, parents agree to comply with the rules and policies of the school and conduct themselves in a manner that will be a credit to themselves and the school.  Wheeling Country Day School believes a positive and constructive working relationship is essential to fulfilling its mission and expects the conduct of all members of the school community will foster cooperation and respect between the home and school.  All parent communications with school personnel should be in a respectful tone and content.  Email is the preferred mode of communication when contacting faculty. Communications facilitate the type of partnership that allows for the best possible education for our children.


Wheeling Country Day School was founded in 1929 in response to a community need for a private, independent school in the Wheeling area, specifically to prepare the daughters of affluent Wheeling families for boarding school. Growing from a student body of seven young ladies in 1929, the school now has a clientele base that includes socio-economic and cultural diversity and enrolls approximately 200 boys and girls in preschool through middle school.


This handbook sets forth general policies of the school, as set by its Head and the Board, and can change from time to time, and at any time without notice. It does not shorten or lengthen the contractual obligations set forth in the enrollment contract, but clarifies obligations and expectations of students and families enrolled at Wheeling Country Day School. Students, parents, and families are encouraged to understand and apply school policy.

Wheeling Country Day School Alma Mater

Oh, dear Country Day School,

With you gold and your blue,

To you we’ll e’er be faithful,

To you we’ll e’er be true.

We’ll always sing your praises.

We’ll always remember you.

Wheeling Country Day School is an equal opportunity school.

Admission decisions are in no way concerned with race, religion, sex, or national origin.


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