Early Childhood Winter Family Night 2022

GradeEarly Childhood
Venue8 Park Road

Early Childhood Winter Family Night

On Thursday, December 15th, amidst the inevitable raindrops that accompany events at WCDS, the Early Childhood team opened our glistening campus for the inaugural Winter Family Night. While weather forced us indoors at the 11th hour, Mrs Dodd’s Hot Cocoa Bar warmed the gym and set the tone for story time, a page turning video on the big screen that featured each early childhood teacher reading a book that would reveal a theme fit for the winter season…Trees and Light!
As Miss Liz said, ‘no two trees are completely alike,’ so when the child-made maps led us back outside along the path lit by child-made lanterns, we saw unique interpretations of this theme in each classroom. Families were invited to explore various Reggio-Emilia style activities and view recent student work in four rooms more closely resembling children’s museums than the desk and row setups of most of our childhoods.
Finally, as the evening drew to a close, all 300 some odd guests made way to the iconic campus oak tree to light the night. Of course, the mud made it difficult for many of us to stand beneath the welcoming limbs, but the second the countdown ended, the kids once again took the lead and embraced the joy, flocking to the tree like moths to the flame.
What a night.