Early Childhood – OLD – DNU

Senior Kindergarten

Mrs. Linda Krulock and Mrs. Claire Norman, Senior Kindergarten Teachers

Senior kindergarten provides a strong foundation from which each student can grow to become a life long learner. The child-centered environment encourages learning through discovery and exploration. The students gain social skills which will enable each to relate to other children and adults. They engage in play as a learning experience. The students experience nature through outside exploration and art. They also learn to follow school and classroom rules to be good citizens and behave appropriately. To learn more, click here.

Junior Kindergarten

Mrs. Elizabeth Hladek and Miss Bri Kamarec, Junior Kindergarten Teachers

The nurturing, learning environment continues in the junior kindergarten classroom. The students’ activities and play enhance their socialization skills and continue to establish a familiar school routine. They learn basic concepts to build a background of reading readiness skills. Throughout the school year the children become more independent. To learn more, click here.


Mrs. Stephanie Skadra and Mrs. Airry Schultz, Preschool TeachersPreschool students enjoy a nurturing, caring, inviting classroom environment. Their experiences include activities to promote socialization skills and an introduction to school procedures and routines. The activities encourage developmental growth through play and present early literacy skills through various centers. Children entering preschool must be completely potty trained. To read more, click here.

We Two

Mrs. Stephanie Skadra, We Two Teacher

This class provides a positive first school experience in a non-threatening environment and atmosphere so that children realize that learning is fun. They enjoy experiences in and exposure to the various areas of development that are age and stage appropriate for toddlers and to help them “grow from what they know” by aiding them in making connections.

We Two offers a variety of media for expression with many opportunities for observation, exploration, and movement through play and cooperative activities with their parent. It also presents developmental information and support to parents in regards to their children’s growth and needs and to heighten awareness that building background knowledge and vocabulary is key to later school success.

Songs, rhymes, and conversation during play encourage language development and build beginning awareness of the connection of language and print through reading and exposure to environmental print and names.

The class highlights an appreciation for individual differences.

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