We Two

2019-2020 We Two Class Sessions Are Now Fully Enrolled.

A note from Miss Stephanie

Dear parent or caregiver,

Welcome to the wonderful world of the toddler years! Wheeling Country Day School offers We Two, a great introduction to the parent-teacher partnership in a child’s education.

Play is a toddler’s work, a vehicle for social, emotional, and cognitive development.  We Two offers children opportunities to understand their world, interact with others, and explore their natural curiosity.  The parents/caregivers provide security and support while the children experience music and movement, stories, crafts, and playtime throughout the program.

There is no one like your child!  Each is unique with development taking place at individual rates. We Two is a fun, interactive, enriching environment where each child’s development is embraced and further developed. The interaction that takes place between and among the children, their caregivers, and the teacher promotes a sense of accomplishment and growth. My goal is to continue to bring out the natural love of learning and inquisitive nature that is the essence of the 18-month to three-year-old in a safe, caring environment.

I invite your child and you (or your child’s caregiver) to participate in this experience. The fee for the program is $600.00 for the school year. This fee includes 31 fun-filled class sessions and several combined-class field trips or special events! Please see the online registration form for dates and details.  

If you have any additional questions, please contact me at sskadra@wcdsedu.com. I can also be reached at 304-232-2430.  

If you would like to introduce a friend or family member to this opportunity, please share this information or contact me with names and email addresses, and I will do the rest.   

I look forward to welcoming your family to our We Two family of learners. Click here to register for the 2019-2020 We Two class.


Stephanie Skadra

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