First Grade

Renee McFadden and Karen Mead, 1st Grade Teachers

The bedrock of the first grade curriculum is learning how to read. This goal is reached through a predominately phonics-based curriculum which also emphasizes writing. Phonics is taught and applied in a systematic manner. High frequency and sight words are also utilized. Differentiated instruction is used to meet the needs of the students. Big Books, leveled readers, and a classroom library are also utilized to meet the interests of all learners.

Science and social studies are integrated through the subjects touched upon in the reading series. Seasonal and stand-alone units based on the students’ professed interests are also a part of the science and social studies curriculum. Essential science skills of observing, hypothesizing, testing, and recording are highly-valued and presented.

Mathematics in the first grade is taught primarily through the use of manipulatives. By the end of the year, the students are expected to know the addition facts up to 18 and addition and subtraction strategies. They will also explore place value, number patterns, geometry, fractions, and coins – including: pennies, nickels and dimes as well as telling time. First graders also receive an introduction to multiplication.

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