Second Grade

Carly Wilson and Laura Demarest, 2nd Grade Teachers

The second grade language arts program is based upon a rich variety of themes, integrating learning in several content areas. The children continue to write in journals and expand their writing experiences in other content areas. A special feature of the second grade language arts curriculum is the yearlong poetry study. The children study poetry in many forms and memorize and recite a variety of poems during the year.

The mathematics program, with emphasis on problem solving and analytical thinking, includes advanced concept development in addition and subtraction, an introduction to multiplication, as well as further extension in geometry, estimation, fractions, time, money, measuring, and word problems. The children continue to explore mathematical concepts through hands-on activities, traditional paper-and-pencil exercises, and math journaling. Through the major themes introduced in language arts, the students explore the interrelatedness of mathematics and the everyday world.

Social studies and science are also often connected to the major themes. This allows the children to explore a topic in great depth. Children learn to apply knowledge gained in one area to many new experiences. The social studies curriculum includes map skills and expands on the concept of community to include the global community. Science classes focus on enhancing process and experimental skills in topics that include animal habitats, ecology, plants, light and sound, and weather.

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