Third Grade

Margie Howells, 3rd Grade Teacher

Language arts, mathematics, and social sciences, coupled with technology, are the basis for this curriculum. The language arts program emphasizes various methods of reading, comprehension, and skill development as well as offering many opportunities to gain experience with all forms of writing. Public speaking, independent reading, use of high-interest literature selections, and writing in a personal journal are a few methods used.

Blending problem solving and computational skills, the mathematics program includes advanced concepts in these areas and emphasis on word and logic problems. Hands-on activities provide opportunities for the children to explore and understand various mathematical concepts. Daily computational exercises in written and mental math help the students maintain accuracy and fluency that are so important to areas of higher mathematics, and these all enrich the students’ mathematical vocabularies and experiences.

The social studies program includes a review of map skills and expands upon the understanding of the global community in terms of culture, commerce, and geography. The children often engage in research projects. The science program contains a combination of topics from earth, physical, and life sciences. Classroom experiences include many hands-on activities and are often integrated with other academic areas. Major areas of study are life cycles, living things, matter, the solar system, and the Earth’s resources.

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