The Center for Multi-Sensory Learning Continues to Grow – Amazing Raise

Child learns different sensory ways.

In just a few short years, the center has expanded its educational impact throughout the valley. In addition to serving the students of WCDS, tutors are also serving five other area schools. A partnership with West Liberty University allows student teachers to observe Orton Gillingham lessons and learn from our mentors. Further collaboration led to the creation of a Reading Specialist Master’s certification through the WLU School of Education. This allows current and future teachers to use Orton Gillingham curricula with their own students, thus widening our sphere of influence even more. The university partnership has provided means for conducting professional development in two local schools with the hopes of expanding this program. During these intensive workshops, the director of the center, Theresa Kowcheck, and Dr. Keely Baronik present multifaceted, most up to date research on the dyslexic brain. Following an initial presentation, each educator participates in a dyslexia simulation. And following the simulation, Dr. Baronak provides a breakout session on how to design your lessons to help any student who struggles with traditional delivery.

As the Center for Multisensory Learning continues to grow, WCDS has placed or educated an Orton Gillingham trained teacher in every classroom from from the Junior Kindergarten to third grade, with all services available to each student on campus An Amazing Raise donation will continue our center’s progress, and your support directly impacts our ability to reach more students and teachers in the tristate area. Money raised would provide an environment for all students, regardless of learning style an opportunity to be successful.

-Joe Jividen