The Wee Wanderers of WCDS Explain…

The Wee Wonders of WCDS Explain with a child in front of a map with her hand raised high in the air.

For the past few weeks, our Junior Kindergarteners have been on a trip around the world! With Ginnie, the Ostrich acting as celebrity traveler, house guest, and tour guide all in one, they set out to China, Egypt, Italy, and Mexico before returning to the WCDS Community Room to celebrate.

Sometimes as educators, the most difficult thing to do is step back and allow the students to experience all the ups and downs of learning on their own terms. Teachers are so used to leading from the front and trying to anticipate solve every possible problem that giving the kids a true voice can be the hardest thing of all. But with that goal in mind, as Miss Liz, Miss Bri, and Miss Erica debated the best ways to tell the many tales from the journey, they decided to take a back seat and let the story be told by the ones who lived it, the kids themselves.

Presenting, The Wee Wanderers of WCDS Explain…the trip around the world. And while you’re at it, take a look at the running blog, Ginnie’s Journeys, right here. Enjoy!

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