WCDS WPG 2017 Week 2 – The Fine Print

Students reading the fine print

‘And now we can’t rip it up because we already made the contract!’

Truer World Peace Game words were never spoken, Gianna, and after a few years of overseeing this whole experiment, it’s a pretty familiar sentiment among inexperienced players. It goes like this. Someone has a great idea, but one that definitely needs some tweeking in order to be mutually beneficial. Before they realize the need for tweeks, however, things have gained so much momentum that, even with the ominous pit growing in the player’s stomach, a signature is placed on multiple contracts and a prideful group of players marches to Coach Joe to pat backs and stamp ‘solved’. Then comes the reread. You can’t forget the fine print, guys, especially when it comes in the form of bolded, 16-point font on a paragraph long crisis. ‘You mean I traded a Martian Rover for three planes and missile technology we already have?!’ ‘You mean that drill that only I have and everyone needs to save their trapped miners was worth more than six grand?!’ ‘Give me the contract back!’ ‘Why can’t I take it back after it’s been ratified by the UN?’

So now that we’ve learned to read the fine print, here’s to a week of productivity and peace. Until next time…

-Mr. H

Our World Banker signs off on a deal to create a nature preserve.
Crisis #8 is solved! Hope you read the fine print…