Edge Fearless Learning

Created and developed by individuals at Wheeling Country Day School, Edge Fearless Learning has transformed into an international support system for those struggling with learning differences in reading, writing, and math.

What is Edge Fearless Learning?

Edge Fearless Learning is a virtual tutoring center that specializes in helping students (age 4-24) with language-based learning differences. The needs of a student are addressed through multi-sensory, systematic, cumulative, and intensive instruction based on Orton-Gillingham methodology.

Edge Fearless Learning has developed the first-of-its-kind structured Math program that is being used by classrooms and afterschool programs throughout the country. Edge Structured Math is an intensive intervention program designed to build number sense and fluency.

Transition from Center for Multisensory Learning (CML) to Edge

In 2012, Head of School Liz Hofreuter noticed a growing trend of students that were not ready for advancement and were being suggest for a growing year. Liz and the staff at Wheeling Country Day School made the decision to further investigate – noticing that many students were struggling with learning differences (such as dyslexia, dyscalculia and dyscalculia). This is when the Center for Multisensory Learning (CML) was established at Wheeling Country Day School.

The CML program was developed and integrated in every classroom at Wheeling Country Day School. Students at WCDS benefited by this added approach, ensuring all students were able to learn using multisensory methods – improving literacy through intervention.

Overtime, reaching the students of WCDS was not enough. These programs could help students of West Virginia and all of our surrounding borders. The decision was to develop a virtual tutoring program that would help out individuals, postsecondary partners, and educators that were struggling with learning differences. Edge Fearless Learning was established and launched in 2022.

Edge Fearless Learning has expanded beyond just virtual tutoring. Edge Structured Math was developed as an intensive software program designed for intervention times in the school day. This program has been rolled out to schools throughout the country, allowing for teachers to better understand the science of math and how they can help their struggling students.

Edge Fearless Learning continues to adopt and add new initiatives. Originally developed as a program within Wheeling Country Day School, Edge Fearless Learning has branched out as it’s own entity – but still remains a program that helps fund and supports our Wheeling non-profit school(s).


Why Should the WCDS Community Care About Edge Fearless Learning?

All of the advancements made within the Edge program directly impacts the students at Wheeling Country Day School. Wheeling Country Day School staff are the first to implement and master the training methods produced by Edge Fearless Learning. 

Students with learning differences at Wheeling Country Day School at discovered through assessments earlier in their learning journey and provided the necessary assistance to help develop and grow without wasting precious years of schooling. 

How Does Edge Fearless Learning Help Fund WCDS?

Having Edge Fearless Learning as a dedicated program under Wheeling Country Day School’s non-profit would impact the growth of both organizations. Edge Fearless Learning can help and impact the lives of students from all over the country – world. Big things can happen for Wheeling companies, but it was best to break apart so both organizations can make decisions that wouldn’t directly impact the other. 

Edge Fearless Learning has an agreement that allows proceeds from this for-profit company that will directly help fund the non-profit Wheeling Country Day School.  


I can imagine no school I would be happier to send my children to than Wheeling Country Day. The children at this school are the most resilient, supportive, and thoughtful I have ever seen. Teaching resiliency, at such young ages, is the single most important building block to lifelong learning there is. These kids support one another, they respect one another and the faculty, they communicate, they create, and they problem solve. And they love it! It is a joy, a true joy to behold.


My experience at this school with my child has gone beyond my expectations, they love my child and want to see him succeed just like I do. They provide something in this area that no other school, public or private offers. My hope for Wheeling Country Day is that one day they will be able to expand their learning center and provide help for kids with learning differences beyond 5th grade. My family was blessed to have found this place and I hope to see it grow and help other children with learning differences


This school develops strong character in its students, like integrity, compassion and respect: This school has helped my child in ways that are beyond what I thought was possible. They have built his self-esteem, helped so much with his learning differences, and made him realize how smart he really is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the staffs of WCDS and Edge Fearless Learning different?

Do WCDS students receive free literacy or math tutoring?

Will Edge Fearless Learning always be a part of WCDS?

Edge Structured Math

Learning math the traditional way doesn’t work for everyone. Students who struggle with math often feel lost in the lesson and unable to grasp abstract concepts. 

The Edge Structured Math program is different. Students can enjoy and understand math again through sequential and structured lessons that use concrete level connections and multi-sensory, hands-on methods.

Literacy Tutoring

Edge is a virtual and campus-based tutoring center that specializes in helping students with language-based learning differences, such as dyslexia. The needs of a student are addressed through multisensory, systematic, cumulative, and intensive instruction based on the Orton-Gillingham methodology.

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