Fifth Grade

Wheeling Country Day School offers Fifth Grade for children nine and ten years old. The fifth grade curriculum emphasizes learning strategies: how to prepare reports, how to outline, and how to organize and prioritize for long-term assignments.

Because educating the whole child is such an important aspect of Wheeling Country Day School, students are both challenged and rewarded with the opportunity to assist their community and become better citizens for tomorrow.

They represent the school sponsoring various fundraisers for charity and as campus guides. Fifth graders mentor younger children in the school with special programs designed to create leadership skills. They follow classes throughout the year and talk to them on topics ranging from decision making to responsibility.

Unique themes integrate content areas, and students use the library and computers as resources for both regular topics and special research work. Cooperative group skills become a focus with the students working together on small, short-range projects and on yearlong ventures.

The language arts program includes a rigorous study of grammar and structure as well as vocabulary and reading comprehension. Students read award-winning selections of children’s literature and classic literature for classroom activities and as choices for book reports. Writing is an integral part of the language arts program. Various content areas incorporate paragraphs, essays, and letters.

Mathematics continues to emphasize both problem solving and computational skills. Building on the fundamental algorithms, the children extend their study to include equation solutions and functions. The objective of the science program is to have the children gain a thorough understanding of the scientific method of investigation, culminating with a “science fair” project.

The social studies program focuses on historical people, places, and events that had a profound effect upon society, both American and the world. The study of geography strengthens knowledge of cultural awareness and regional diversity, culminating with the comprehensive, World Culture Day project. An end-of-year, three-day trip to places of historical interest pulls together the study of American history.

Engaging and Creative Communication

The 5th-grade class embraces creative and engaging ways of communication. They have taken initiative to present news through digital newsletters and even a 1-minute and 40-second video edition. These initiatives encourage students to explore various forms of communication and presentation, enhancing their creativity, self-expression, and public speaking abilities.

Leadership and Real-World Experience

The class offers exciting opportunities for leadership and real-world experience through internships. These opportunities provide hands-on learning, allowing students to apply their skills and knowledge in practical situations. Guest speakers help bring real-world insights into the classroom, inspiring and engaging students in a broader understanding of career paths and leadership roles.

Creative & Skill-Based Courses

In addition to the traditional subject areas, students participate in fine arts, physical education, foreign language, and technology classes. An emphasis on the fine arts has been a part of the school since its inception. Biweekly classes in art and music are highlights in the children’s experiences. Daily physical education classes enhance physical development, while the morning intramural program fosters team relationships across grade levels. Children learn to use both the library and the computer as valuable resources for information.

An Emphasis on Character Development

Character development instruction highlighting respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, and citizenship complements the academic offerings. Each teacher weaves this special program into the class’s regular curriculum.

Technology & Culture

While being part of the Wheeling Country Day School community, children prepare for an increasingly global, technological society with language and culture classes as well as technology instruction. In addition to studying Spanish and French, students explore the rich cultural heritage represented by the school’s families. Special school-wide and classroom activities throughout the year expand this understanding of the relationship between self and community. At the same time, students receive computer instruction preparing them for the world’s technology and their participation in it.

Fifth Grade Teachers & Staff

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4th Grade
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Katie Wallace

5th Grade
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Fifth Grade

Before & Aftercare Programs

Our before and aftercare programs are designed to help the student and the parent. Drop your students off early or pick them up a bit later and feel comfortable knowing they are safe and still learning.

Tutoring & Multisensory Learning

Edge at Wheeling Country Day School is an on-campus instruction center for students with language-based learning differences. 

Middle School

For students ready to graduate from Second Grade, Wheeling Country Day School offers exceptional Third Grade education.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I stay updated on school events and important dates?

You can stay updated on school events and important dates through regular communications from the school, including emails and newsletters sent by the school staff. Additionally, you can check the school’s website or social media platforms for announcements and event calendars.

How does the school ensure the safety of the students during activities?

The school places a high priority on student safety during all activities. Teachers and staff carefully plan and supervise each activity, ensuring that safety guidelines and protocols are followed at all times. They also conduct risk assessments and have emergency procedures in place to address any unforeseen situations.

How can I communicate with my child's teacher if I have questions or concerns?

You can communicate with your child’s teacher through various channels, such as email, phone calls, or scheduled parent-teacher meetings. Teachers are usually available to address any questions or concerns you may have about your child’s progress or the curriculum

Are there any opportunities for parent involvement or parent-teacher partnerships?

Yes, the school encourages parent involvement and offers opportunities for parent-teacher partnerships. You can participate in parent-teacher conferences, attend school events, volunteer in school activities, and join parent-teacher associations to stay engaged in your child’s education and school community.


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Diversity Statement

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WCDS seeks to purposefully build an environment that reflects and honors diversity. We honor the dignity of every human being, and we respect and value differences including but not limited to socioeconomics, race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, and family composition. Our community is committed to ongoing dialogue, education, and reflection to develop understanding and inclusion of every member.

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