Tuition and Affordability

Need-Based Flexible Tuition at Wheeling Country Day School

Thank you for your interest in our Need-Based Flexible Tuition Plan. We look forward to working with you to make a Wheeling Country Day School education affordable for your family.  

Our Mission

Wheeling Country Day School offers Need-Based Flexible Tuition to enroll students who could not otherwise afford to attend. No qualified student should be deterred by financial restraints from applying to Wheeling Country Day School, and families who feel they need assistance are encouraged to apply.


  • Average grant – 48% of tuition
  • Students receiving financial aid – 83 (full time preschool through sixth grade)
  • Percentage of student body receiving aid39%
  • Information is kept in strict confidence.


  • Financial aid is a grant; therefore, it is not required to be repaid to WCDS
  • Decisions are confidential agreements between WCDS and the recipient families and are to be treated accordingly by both parties.
  • Financial aid decisions are made independently from admissions decisions.
  • Grants are made for one year. Normally financial aid will continue throughout a student’s enrollment provided an up-to-date account balance is maintained; the annual application is filed and tax documents are uploaded by the stated deadline, and need is still exhibited.
  • No grants are offered for the We Two Program, and only a few, limited grants are offered for full-time preschool and junior kindergarten. If financial aid is offered for preschool or junior kindergarten, it is capped at 50% of full tuition.
  • Funds are not reserved for families whose paperwork or tax forms are incomplete.  


  • Each year’s timeline/deadlines will be included in an email to all families who have requested information via the admissions application or by email to
  • It is very important that families follow the application timeline in order to receive full consideration for reduced tuition; however, missed stated deadlines will not disqualify a family.

Applications are processed by a third party financial analysis service. They will recommend what a family should reasonably contribute toward tuition. The school’s committee uses this information as a starting point with additional considerations including the total budget and the needs of the entire applicant pool.

Please note, currently, WCDS is in the process of switching financial analysis services. During this time, the school will determine the final financial aid award with families on an individual basis via interviews and financial review. 

The Financial Aid Committee is mindful of its obligation to utilize the limited financial aid funds responsibly and prudently; therefore, it is imperative that recipients fully merit their grants by a conscientious effort to complete every aspect of the financial aid process.

Any financial support that may be available beyond the parents’ own income and assets should be reported on the form for consideration by the school.

It is expected that families requesting the school’s assistance will contribute as much as they can to their children’s education and will, therefore, give great consideration in completing that question on the application.

Note for Late Applications: Missed deadlines will not disqualify a family. We encourage current and new families to proceed with the application process at their earliest convenience; however, resources cannot be guaranteed, and amounts awarded later may be reduced.

*Financial Aid decisions are made independently from admissions decisions and in no way affect a candidate’s chances for admissions. The Financial Aid Program is open to students of any race, creed, and national or ethnic origin.

Need more information?

Please contact Stephanie in the Admissions Office at 304-232-2430.

Or email questions to Stephanie Skadra at

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