Liz Hofreuter


Parents attend "Parents Night" in the school gymnasium in Wheeling.
Dear Mom and Dad I want to invite you to the school’s open house that we call Parent’s Night.  This tradition gives  parents a chance to walk in the footsteps of their child or better yet to sit in the undersized desk. I know you are dreading it. You have been here and done this...
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Liz Hofreuter and daughter Ella on the first day of school in 2017.
A few years ago I wrote a piece as Ella started school for the first time.  I spoke directly to her future teachers and envisioned a path forward through school and life addressing the adults who would most profoundly influence her. I wrote the words expecting hers to be a typical journey. She was three...
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Wheeling Country Day School
I was challenged recently to “name the one person who influenced [my] passion as a professional and led to your resilience.” There were so many people who influenced my passion as a professional. It starts in fourth grade at Wheeling Country Day, when Lisa Owen shared with me that she too was nervous to be...
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