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Our Early Childhood program is a unique and premier group of classes that include ages 2-5. We pride ourselves in creating a positive first impression for our Early Childhood students. We recognize the importance to introducing them to fundamentals that will set them up for success as make progress in their education.

Senior Kindergarten

Senior Kindergarten Teachers

Ms. Tylar McGhee
Mrs. Claire Norman

Senior kindergarten provides a strong foundation from which each student can grow to become a lifelong learner. As a Reggio-inspired program, learning is done through open explorations and discovery with topics driven from the interests of the children. With a focus on collaboration and communication, students are encouraged to investigate and reflect on their own learning processes. Documentation of such processes gives value to the many languages our students use to gain new knowledge. The classroom acts as a “third teacher” and is often extended outdoors. We strive to feed the innate curiosity of each child so that they can grow to their fullest potential as learners.

Junior Kindergarten

Junior Kindergarten Teachers

Mrs. Elizabeth Hladek
Mrs. Meredith Shah

The nurturing, learning environment continues in the junior kindergarten classroom. The students’ activities and play enhance their socialization skills and continue to establish a familiar school routine. They learn basic concepts to build a background of reading readiness skills. Throughout the school year the children become more independent.


Preschool Teachers

Mrs. Airry Schultz
Mrs. Erica Warfield
Mrs. Stephanie Skadra

Preschool students enjoy a nurturing, caring, inviting classroom environment. Their experiences include activities to promote socialization skills and an introduction to school procedures and routines. The activities encourage developmental growth through play and present early literacy skills through various centers. Children entering preschool must be completely potty trained.

We Two

We Two Teacher

Mrs. Stephanie Skadra

This class provides a positive first school experience in a non-threatening environment and atmosphere so that children realize that learning is fun. They enjoy experiences in and exposure to the various areas of development that are age and stage appropriate for toddlers and to help them “grow from what they know” by aiding them in making connections.

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