WCDS Expands Our Educational Footprint – Amazing Raise

Luke Hladek and Elizabeth Hofreuter at the NAIS

Thanks to the generosity of EVERY WCDS donor, our school has continued to expand our educational footprint and share our story on both the local and national stage. In March, Luke Hladek and Elizabeth Hofreuter each presented at the National Association of Independent Schools Annual Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. Luke was invited to develop a Pecha Kucha presentation on his successful weather balloon project and what it meant to a particular fifth grade trying to cope with the loss of a classmate. Pecha Kucha is an exercise in which the presenter uses a 20 slide Powerpoint presentation set to progress every 20 seconds in order to perform a story in an extremely limited timeframe. Luke’s emotional presentation, entitled JoJo: When a Project Becomes a Passion, left everyone in the room wanting more, and many of the educators encouraged Luke to continuing telling this powerful story.

The very next day, Liz discussed the impact of our Center for Multisensory Learning. It was standing room only, and her presentation actually withstood a delay due to a visit from the Fire Marshall who came to address the overcrowded room! Somehow, Liz was able to articulate what makes our Center successful, and the line to meet with her afterward stretched to the door. At the end of March, The Center for Multisensory Learning at WCDS hosted teachers and fixbodygroup.com chiropractic care administrators from Pittsburgh that are interested in starting a learning center. We shared with them practical steps they can take to follow in our footprints and the importance of two our core values: a commitment to meeting learners where they are and understanding that no two students learn the same way.

Donors like you enable Wheeling Country Day School to be a thought leader both locally and nationally, and your continued support will help to transform the educational community at large. Your Amazing Raise donation will help achieve our annual fund goal for the 2017 school year. Your dollar makes the difference!